Laptop Cooler Hack!


Introduction: Laptop Cooler Hack!

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Do you have a brand  new laptop with a powerfull cpu and gpu and want to play the latest games but your laptop overheats and slow down ? Sure the first thing you may think is to buy a laptop cooler, the one with the biggest fan you can find.
But is that enough to cool down a laptop?
What a laptop cooler does is to allow more air to go to the cpu and gpu and cool them down. But this is not as easy as it sounds as every laptop company puts the cpu , gpu and heatsink in difirent places.
Here is a quick guide that show's you how to dramaticly reduce fan noise and decrice pcu and gpu temperature.

Step 1: Lets Get Started

Ok so you in order for this to work you obviusly need a laptop that you can have access to the gpu and cpu from the down side of the laptop. Most laptops require you to unscrew some screw's and then you have acess to the main board. Also you need a good screwdriver so you wont damage the screws. Also you need a laptop cooler that you can buy or make. make sure the fan on the laptop cooler is placed near the cpu and gpu.
My laptop cooler has a big fan in the center and with this hack i cool down the ram the cpu and gpu

Step 2: 1

ok so the first thing you have to do is to shutdown your laptop, unplug the battery and then press the power button for about 5 seconds. This will discharge the laptop capacitors. 
Next you have to ground your self by touching something metal like a window

Step 3: Unscrew!

After that you have to unscrew the back of the laptop where the cpu is. be carefull when doing this as there may be some hiden screws under some stickers!! You dont have to put mych presure!

Step 4: The Final Thing

The next step is to place the laptop on the laptop cooler and make sure there is some space between the laptop and the cooler. Now plug in the battery and turn on your computer!
Also remember never to touch the back of the laptop when there is power!

Step 5: Results

I have made some test's to show that this actualy works
here are all the test i use EVEREST Ultimate Edition and did a cpu stress test for 6 minutes



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    When you get a cooling system heat control is the most obvious benefit. You will find that your notebook doesn’t heat up so much and becomes much more easy to handle. You do not have to struggle with finding the right surface to keep it on in case it overheats.


    Smart trick! Now the trick seems too obvious and I wonder why I hadn't thought about it before... Anyways, awesome!

    good idea, i used to do the same with my old gateway before i got fed up with it.
    one thing id like to say though, is that the designer mightve messed up with the cooling.
    the HP DV6000 series was cooled in a similar way, with the CPU and GPU on the same set of heatpipes. this caused to GPU to get so hot it disconnected from the board. in your case, its likely that its the primary reason you have a lot of heat building up in there.

    not much can be done to fix it, but i figured i should just put that out there.

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    WOW SO hot? you mean it melt the solder points? that's wayyy to hot.
    i have very good results with this hack. I have seen some laptop with seperated heatpipes and i thought it would be better if all laptop where that way. I am planning on adding water cooling on this laptop. i got the idea from a youtube video. My system has very good cpu (Intel core i7 2630QM) and gpu (ATI radeon HD 6570m) and i am using it everyday. I bough this laptop becouse i wanted a powerfull system but also able to move it or take it with me. So the watercooling will be on only on my home and when i am outside it will use the heatpipes.

    components usually burn out long before they get hot enough to melt the solder, but repeated large temperature changes will eventually work the components loose. This is the problem the XBOX 360 had.

    I'm glad you showed the benchmark test at the end, my initial concern was that by taking the excess plastic parts off, the air plow would not be directed properly. I've pulled the side panels off of PCs and had them run hotter because the airflow wasn't being directed properly.

    Good job on this, I stumbled onto it while looking for hacks to cool down a laptop and add more battery capacitance. My laptop is going to look like it's ten years old, but if it runs for 10-12 hours on battery, and doesn't get hot I'll be happy.

    Thank you! this hack really worked for me but right now i am using a new cooler i made myself which is much much better. right now with the new cooler i am getting around 30C idle and 60-65C max. these are the best results i have ever seen! i may upload some new photos of my new setup