My old laptop was screaming for a new paint job and the fujitsu-siemens logo was boring, so i made my self a new logo, carved it with my engraving/multipurpose tool and filled the void with some epoxy resin and LED's (light emitting diodes). It was quite a hassle adding the resin, and  keeping it in place(I needed to paint  it again because of it). The resin was very thin  for the first 24h, even though the instructions said its fully cured in a day.

So to get to the point, here are the things that you need:

Laptops differ one from another, so I will not tell you how to disassemble your laptop. If you are not comfortable and confident enough don't  try this mod.

After a few tries I figure the best sequence of steps for this project is:

2. Putty and Sanding.
3.Molding and infusion of the resin,adding lights.
4. Primer and the actual paint job .

  • Logo
  • Paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Spray paint

Paint job:
  • Spray paint
  • Putty (for filling the damaged parts of the housing)
  • Paint primer
  • Sandpaper Nr. 600 (waterproof is better)
  • Trowel or something similar for evenly distributing the putty.

  • Epoxy resin
  • LED-(light emitting diodes)
  • Tip31 transistor(if you want the housing to have a music light show)
tnx to:
Glowing-paw-sound-reactive-laptop/ by the user zack247 
Music LED Light Box project by the user motadacruz
I'd like to use this opportunity to thank Instructables.com  for thinking of me with the Halloween postcard ,and for the Leatherman im waiting for. TNX guy's/girls i appreciate it.

Step 1: Carving

First of all i needed a logo to carve in, so i went to the world wide web and found a suitable logo tnx to deviantart user RiderB0y.
But i was thinking it needed a bit of trimming to suit my needs, so i edited it and asked for the permission to use it.
As you can see  the final product is not identical to my  version of the logo, but I'm quite satisfied with it.


1. Printing or drawing the logo on paper
2. Copying the logo to the laptop surface
                      You can use the exacto knife to make the template, and  then just paint it over with a thin layer of paint.
3. Cutting the plastic. I used a thin milling cutter bit, but anything similar will do.
                                         Be careful, its better to cut into the part that needs to go out then into the rest of the housing :) .
4. If you lose an part (like my dragons eye) it can be added again later when you add the resin, but its just an additional waste of your time and resources.
i might just be me but based off your wiring diagram (the one that said you currently using it) the led that's on the bottom and all the way to the left is wired to a ground on both sides. soooo yea unless i'm reading it wrong
@Brna; tweeted! Cheers! :) Site
Nice :)
did you remove the lcd first from laptop,using a cutter may hit the lcd and mine is lastest laptop
Yes you must disassemble the lcd housing ;)
ok thats what i thought ,thanks
woww nice job,i love dragons alot ,have a bedset with dragons,lamps with stain glass dragons and so much other dragons stuff , plus a lot of medieval stuff ,like many swords
Yep, there are few things awesome as dragons.
even have a dragon the breaths fire
really cool! i hav been wantin to do somethin similar, never got to it! cud the same be done with multi color led's, eventually displayin color changing patterns n stuff?<br>
Sure :)
<em>WOW</em>. That looks absolutely incredible, I think I'll have to do something similar with mine now.
wow, nice work!<br>glad to see my design inspired someone else to give it a shot :3<br>looks great, and i love the blue.

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