Introduction: Laptop Look Dead? Try to Change the BIOS Battery

Picture of Laptop Look Dead? Try to Change the BIOS Battery

A friend gave me an laptop that the motherboard was dead.
This friend contacted HP,they wanted 400$ for reparation
Just repair it in 5 minutes

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed

- One philips screwdriver
- One dead computer
- VERY IMPORTANT: One 2032 3V battery
- Optional: Multimeter

Step 2: Find the RAM Compartiment

Picture of Find the RAM Compartiment

Find where the RAM are situated,
In my case,the Broadcoam Wireless card was there

Then,open the compartiment with the screwdriver

Step 3: Unscrew the Wireless Card

Picture of Unscrew the Wireless Card

Unscrew the wireless card.
It must have a 3V battery.

Step 4: Change the Battery

Picture of Change the Battery

Change the battery:
Just change the old one with a new one

Step 5: Put Everything Back

Picture of Put Everything Back

Put everything back:
Screw all the screws

Step 6: Reset the Bios

Picture of Reset the Bios

In the bios,just reset all the settings and change the date and hour


Picture of FINISHED!

Normally,you must have a new functionnally computer


ASHISHG2 (author)2014-10-05

Hi, All...

I have HP DV6 1111au laptop .. with 2gb memory n 320gb HDD..
Just few days back.. it started to boot on very slowly thought its working very smoothly..
I ran all the tests on HDD n memory, change the RAM, HDD.. but still the problem persists..
I read a lot around about the booting process being slow but could not find any appropriate solution fot this slow boot..
The booting options also load really slow, sometimes boot time is 5 min. on main HP logo screen sometimes its .. 10-25mins.. n sometimes it cannot get started.. then I have to manually restart it.. but when if its ON when restart command being given.. it boots up rilly fast..

I have hard reset over the laptop.. changing BIOS settings.. i.e loading the default one.. also tried to update the BIOS, which is F.18 version.. no new update ...

Please help me.. all people and experts out here.. rilly .. need help...

gmjhowe (author)2009-03-12

Good and simple, i suggest changing your title to 'swapping out a motherboard battery', or something along those lines. It would seem that the laptop is running mac os x?

Joe Martin (author)gmjhowe2009-03-12

No, thats xp! I highly doubt that the CMOS battery would stop the computer from booting. The CMOS battery powers the internal clock of the computer and that alone would not cause a complete breakdown, Maybe some errors due to the time being incorrect but NOT broken.

JakeSully (author)Joe Martin2014-09-30

No thats wrong, CMOS battery runs both clock and bios so when cmos battery dies the bios will be dead to so yeah you have no skills ;), secondly last pic is of mac os x not windows XP

Tututu (author)JakeSully2014-10-01

It was a compatible laptop for Hackintosh, it ran iAtkos for few years before my nephew broke the screen...

Actually I have seen a bad battery stop a laptop and desktop from booting properly

phearce (author)aloneonafriday2012-06-12

I ran into this just a week ago with an older Toshiba laptop. Stone dead. No access to the CMOS battery without completely removing the MB from the case. Poor design, or planned obsolescence?

Tututu (author)phearce2012-06-15

Personally, I'd accept the challenge :D

hody1953 (author)aloneonafriday2010-04-15

I was just going to say it is one of the troubleshooting questions on the A+ computer certification exam. The CMOS is required or the computer cannot boot, the battery does not just power the clock, however, without a clock the computer cannot run either.  The start up settings are stored in EPROM, which is maintained by that same battery. The computer needs those setting to boot also.

. I've only run into one computer that wouldn't boot with a dead battery and that was ~15 years ago; but I don't see many computers with dead batteries. I think that happens when the HDD params get erased or scrambled (I could boot the computer if I set the drive params after the POST). Most, if not all, recent BIOSes will auto-detect the drive params, so it's not usually a problem nowadays.

Tututu (author)NachoMahma2009-03-13

Yeah maybe But I repair also one other computher that don't wanted to boot It worked good too

Daniel Deacon (author)Joe Martin2011-01-04

It does stop it its happend to me

gmjhowe (author)Joe Martin2009-03-12

ah yes, i thort it was a hackintosh, but on closer inspection i see the windows quick launch.

Tututu (author)gmjhowe2010-07-12

Now, I installed Mac OS X Leopard on this laptop, it is so faster than XP, boot in 30 seconds and shut down in 5-6 seconds

buddy03 (author)2011-03-21

I have an old HP xh485 and there is no sign of a CMOS battery, even after opening the top and removing HD and KYBD. Help me find that little guy!

Tututu (author)buddy032011-03-22

Did you check the manual?

buddy03 (author)Tututu2011-03-22

I don't have a manual.

Combine Clite (author)2010-05-27

Hi,i have exsacly the same computer as u..
its dead to
*thx for making this tut

Tututu (author)Combine Clite2010-07-12

Hi, did you try to replace the battery? Did it worked? Thanks for comment

zack247 (author)2010-03-22

will a general CR2032 work? or does it have to be specific? they are both 3 volts...

Tututu (author)zack2472010-03-23

 Yes, a general CR2032 3 Volt battery should work.
Just try =)

zack247 (author)Tututu2010-03-23

i checked the battery on my multimeter, (on 6v, it doesn't hav a 3v option) and it tested out just fine (the needle was at the halfway mark) should i replace it anyways? or is there something else wrong with my laptop?

Tututu (author)zack2472010-03-23

You don't need to replace it
But take it off for 1 minute and take it back again
It will reset the CMOS and may work

drewwwski (author)2010-01-21

Could you desribe the symptoms prior to changing the battery? I've got a Compaq laptop of the same form factor that won't boot into Windows. I had also suspected a bad mobo so thanks for this suggestion, I'll give it a try...

zack247 (author)drewwwski2010-03-22

is it a presario v4000 by any chance? i have one, and i am going to try this. i can at least get it to boot up, i can ten get all of the other parts.

Tututu (author)zack2472010-03-23

 Try this, it is a cheap and easy trick.
It may work!

zack247 (author)Tututu2010-03-23

mine looks just like yours, the battery is different though, it has wires coming off of it onto the mobo. hopefully (since compaq and hp are one and the same) this will work. i have wanted a laptop for as long as i can remember. wish me luck!

Tututu (author)drewwwski2010-03-23

 A friend of mine gave me the laptop because he went to the Computer shop and they asked 400€ to repair it.
He gave it to me.
The symptoms were that the power button was flashing, and no signal on the screen and no boot.
I changed the battery and everything worked fine =)

Patented (author)2009-04-28

Yo, je presume que tu parles francais pcq ton bios est en francais.. mais merci beaucoup je vais essayer sa jai un vieux laptop IMB pi le probleme c le motherboard donc je vais essayer de changer la batterie! merci

Tututu (author)Patented2009-07-16

Salut Et bien essaye,ca ne coute presque rien. Tiens moi au courant ;)

Patented (author)Tututu2009-07-16

Ouais ben je lai changé mais non sa a rien changé malheureusement... Merci quand meme pour lidée!

Tututu (author)2009-03-12

Thanks for your reply I just made this instructable because I was wondered when I saw that it works For me it worked great,so just try it before cast it And it is XP,but I saw that the HP G5000 is compatible with Kalyway,so maybe i'm gonna to change And please,rate it

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