Laptop Riser for Less Than 1 € in 5 Minutes




Introduction: Laptop Riser for Less Than 1 € in 5 Minutes

I've tried some solutions to rise my netbook for a better cooling, but they were too big or too expensive.

So i came up with this: The easy and cheap riser!

Step 1: The Material

You need:
- marker or pencil
- duck tape (of course)
- ruler
- a piece of plastic cable troughing (a leftover of an installation)

Step 2: Measure Twice

First measure the width of your laptop.

I've got an Acer Apire One with a width of 245 mm, so i decided to cut the plastics at 250 mm.

Step 3: Cut Once

As the Acer has a width of 245 mm i cut the plastics at 250 mm.
The golden rule is: Always add a few mm safety clearance.

Step 4: Cut Again and Tape the Thing

Now you have to measure the size of the rear feet of the laptop and cut 2 holes in the plastics, where they can fit in.

After that tape the whole thing to gather better stability.

Step 5: That's All, Folks!

Well, what can i say? We're done...



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You have the same computer as me!

It's useless. For cooling effect you need something that make better air circling

At the Aspire One the air intake is mostly in the back - if you rise it, the air flows better as if you don't rise it. Simple thermal physics!