Introduction: Laptop Riser for Less Than 1 € in 5 Minutes

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I've tried some solutions to rise my netbook for a better cooling, but they were too big or too expensive.

So i came up with this: The easy and cheap riser!

Step 1: The Material

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You need:
- marker or pencil
- duck tape (of course)
- ruler
- a piece of plastic cable troughing (a leftover of an installation)

Step 2: Measure Twice

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First measure the width of your laptop.

I've got an Acer Apire One with a width of 245 mm, so i decided to cut the plastics at 250 mm.

Step 3: Cut Once

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As the Acer has a width of 245 mm i cut the plastics at 250 mm.
The golden rule is: Always add a few mm safety clearance.

Step 4: Cut Again and Tape the Thing

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Now you have to measure the size of the rear feet of the laptop and cut 2 holes in the plastics, where they can fit in.

After that tape the whole thing to gather better stability.

Step 5: That's All, Folks!

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Well, what can i say? We're done...


yourcat (author)2009-04-15

You have the same computer as me!

lordmax (author)2009-04-15

It's useless. For cooling effect you need something that make better air circling

cyberfux (author)lordmax2009-04-15

At the Aspire One the air intake is mostly in the back - if you rise it, the air flows better as if you don't rise it. Simple thermal physics!

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