I looked all over the internet for plans to build a laptop stand that had a mouse pad. But as hard as I looked I did not find much, so I decided to build one.This simple laptop stand was built in about one hour, and most of the materials were found lying around my house.This is my first instructable so please rate and comment.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

 To make this laptop stand you will need:

- A piece of wire shelving that will fit your laptop
- An old mouse pad
- A piece of plastic
- A lighter
- A hack saw
- A piece of cardboard
- A pair of scissors
- A hot glue gun and glue sticks

<p>thank you dear that's very good</p>
I used a wire rack on my stand as well!<br /> <br /> They are great for ventilation!<br />
Great Job!!&nbsp; Looks great and inexpensive is the key..<br /> <br />

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