Anyone who uses a laptop all day long knows the value of a laptop stand. They're comfortable, they keep your computer running cool, they bring your screen to the proper height and angle, and they free up that oh so precious desktop real estate. Sure you can buy one, but you're a living, breathing, thinking human complete with opposable thumbs - you can make one of the custom laptop stands in this guide yourself!

A better laptop stand for bed style
Make a simple but incredibly useful Laptop Stand for around $15 and 30-60 minutes! Great for use in bed while typing, browsing, and especially watching movies.When I use my laptop in bed, it's often ...
Ergonomic Laptop Stand Made From a Coat Hanger style
Hello my name is Tully GehanI'm also working on a blog, take a look www.blinkyblink.comAt the moment I am living in Beijing China and plan to be moving to Taiwan in a few months. So I am not too inte...
PVC Laptop Stand style
A laptop stand with cable routing for under $5 bucks. No gluing necessary. Save deskspace. Save your neck. Save your eyes. Etc.
Inexpensive laptop stand  / Notebook to Desktop convertor style
I find myself using my laptop for long periods of time. It does get uncomfortable after a while. The keyboard and screen should ideally be separate to reduce neckstrain during prolonged use. If you a...
Simple Metallic Laptop Stand style
Make a quick and simple laptop stand that will keep your laptop cool for under $10. After looking for a laptop stand for my new macbook pro I decided to create one myself out of a metallic document ho...
The 10 Minute Laptop Stand style
After putting one of those $30 prefab plastic laptop stands back on a store shelf I began thinking of an easy way of gaining similar functionality without the wastefulness or expense. Rummaging around...
Laminate Parque Laptop Stand  style
I saw the designs of the other instructable laptop stands on instructables and thought "I must make one for myself !!!" So here is my instructable. With this instructable i tried to get rid of the cab...
Adjustable Vesa Arm Laptop Stand style
This is Tuesday's edition of the 5 ibles in 5 days 'cage match' (as cailtinsdad put it).Today we have a project that Ive been working on for a while (some of you might have seen it lurking in the back...
Laptop Strap Support - for couch or bed style
This is something i made after months of straining my neck while looking down at my laptop when sitting on the couch. It only really works if you sit like i do when on the couch, slumped back with fe...
Yet another laptop stand style
This is a lightweight, mobile stand that was quick and easy to build, and uses cheap components. (I had all of the parts laying around the garage already.) it offers excellent airflow and is relative...