Picture of Large Arduino Prototyping Shield
Having recently become an Arduino fan I want to be able to have several projects but save the expense of buying more than one Arduino board. Being very lazy I would also like to be able to change between several projects and avoid all the tedious swapping around of many dangly wires and all the trouble caused when you get the order wrong or cant remember how it went together.

All the available prototyping shields I've seen are small and I want something that a whole project can be built with so I solved the problem by making a Large Arduino Prototyping Shield
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Parts needed.

A large prototyping board
A strip of header socket
A strip of header plug
PCB Pins (Wire is OK)
Bits of wire
An Arduino or clone.

The usual small tools i.e.
Soldering Iron
Glue gun
Pillar drill or Dremmel

Step 2: Connection extension pcbs

Picture of Connection extension pcbs
Since the Arduino connectors don't match up with 0.1" grid I decided to make four separate extension pcbs instead of a single piece of stripboard.

Stripboard sizes
Two that are 6 by 11 holes.
Two that are 8 by 11 holes.

I made sure I cut and sanded the edges that would be closest so they align without touching.

Step 3: Adding the pins

Picture of Adding the pins
The PCB pin headers were put in the Arduino and the stripboard placed over the top. This was so they will all be in alignment when the prototyping board is added later on. All soldered neatly into place once the alignment was good.
J-Ri3 years ago
Cool project. Have you seen the Boarduino? It plugs directly into a breadboard. I use one of those plugged into a standard breadboard.
VadimS3 years ago
Nice, i actually use the arduino pro mini, then add pins and it sits on top
CaladanJen5 years ago
Where did you find that awesome breadboard? The layout is totally unlike the standard "digital IC" ones.
o0mouse0o (author)  CaladanJen5 years ago
I got it from the local Maplins shop and had no idea it was not a common part.
Just checked the receipt and its part No. BZ13 although I think the manufacturers description is 'Breadboard AD-01'

There is an image of it about halfway down the page.

I also had a look in Rapid Electronics and it is very similar to their 'ProtoBoard 2B' but they don't stock the exact one I used.

Unfortunately I cant offer any advice sourcing one outside the UK.
matseng5 years ago
Two thumbs up! This is a really good idea...
Bongmaster5 years ago
now that brings the breadboard closer to the ardiuno :) nice.
instructors5 years ago
This is a great Idea, I always thought those mini bread boards were way to small, and the bigger bread boards required a lot of cables going to the arduino and back. You could put something like a parts/wire compartment were the end bread board is. Im probably going to try this if I can get a hold of enough breadboards, Its rare to find any breadboards were I live.