Large Bacon "Pop-Tarts"





Introduction: Large Bacon "Pop-Tarts"

I like bacon and I like pop-tarts so I thought "Why not put them together." I made these last year before I started using instructables and did not document everything. I made two versions; one with bacon and one with bacon and grape jelly. I put grape jelly in one because I am a huge fan of of the sweet and savory combo. It was awesome.

What you need
Crescent rolls
Grape jelly
Baking pan

The crescent rolls were good, but next time I am going to try pie crust.



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    I'm not a wizard, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. XD

    I'm going to try grape jelly on bacon now. I know some people would be off-put by that suggestion, but they're the same people who don't sit around enjoying caffeinated bacon maple lollipops or bacon snack crackers (the latter of which I am, in fact, doing). odd foodstuffs for the win.

    Bacon and peanut butter; the best of sweet and salty. :-p

    What a brilliant idea!
    There's a bacon contest coming up - you should remake these and post a full Instructable then. The big question: what kind of "icing"?

    I will be entering that bacon contest, because any self respecting person knows that bacon (or any other pork fat, for that matter) is fuel of the gods! To answer your questions on what kind of icing... I suggest maple royal icing, made with REAL maple syrup. After all, next to chocolate, nothing goes better with bacon than syrup!

    I will definitely do that. Thanks for letting me know.