This was inspired by the original ide bread board by stone3408ide bread board by stone3408 I thought it was such a simple idea to recycle the mass of old ribbon connectors I had laying about.

Sorry in advance about the image quality, I must get a proper camera & stop using the phone

What you will need
3 IDE hard drive cables depending on the number IDC of connectors (SCSI or FDD cables could be used for a different sized board)
This uses 8 IDC connectors.

A small flat screwdriver to take the connector apart
A vice or something to apply pressure when re assembling.

Step 1: Disassemble the IDC Connectors

Use the flat screwdriver to ease off the cable grip, conductor cover & lift the wires slightly from the cable.
Pull the ribbon cable off by folding it back; this helps to keep the pins in place.
<p>can it be done with a 24 pin serial cable port?</p>
<p>This is a great idea. I did something similar.</p>
You just cleared my biggest hurdle in attempting electronics. Thank you!
I just finished one using 4 of the connectors. Great Ible it's surprise what a bit of innovation and creativity can do
&nbsp;Great idea. &nbsp;Question - Can you expand on the 'Squeez Together' part as I am a little confused.<br /> <br /> Also, drinking coffee while trying to put the wire in each pin is not a good idea. &nbsp;Serious coffee jitters....<br />
I think by squeeze together he means to try to keep them close together so there is little to no gap between them. Not necessary but does make it look a bit nicer.
I just published a similar instructable, but mine requires you to solder wires onto the spikes at the bottom to configure your connections.<br><br>I didn't see this instructable until I had published and saw the &quot;related&quot; list on the side.<br><br>Yours is an excellent instructable, I've never thought of doing it like that.<br><br>I put a link to this page on my instructable to inform people of the alternate way of doing it from mine.<br><br>Peter
I&nbsp;like the idea of jumping the pins with the left over ribbon wire.&nbsp; Great for when your in a bind. <br />
A very useful instructable ! Many thanks for sharing. Squeezing metal grips is not easy... For my next project I guess I'll strip a small portion of the ribbon and wrap the cables two by two before soldering them rather than using this method. Anyway, a very nice work and a great idea.<br />
Just pull out half of the connector pins, and put them in the other way around, to connect the even numbered pins to the odd numbered pins.
Good move ! Bigger is always better, size does matter !
XD EXPENSIVE CARDBOARD BOX Sorry,I just had to do that.
u should have negative on 1 side and positive on the other
This is actually a really clever idea. Not the most practical in all situations, but excellent reuse of materials.
Damn I thought you mean a geeky toast rack XD
To make the power rails easier a piece of magnet wire with coating removed or something else like a small metal rod would allow you to solder all the pins together without fiddling with jumper wires. Nice job overall, I always wondered if this could work after seeing someone I know do the opposite.

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