Do you like chocolete? 
Much much chocolate? 
So do I !
Then let's make some  TASTY   and  CHOCOLATE  and   LARGE  sweets !

Step 1:

- 3 whole chocolates (you can use dark, milk and /or/ white ones)
- 4 tbsp. cream
- 50 g. butter
- 1 yolk
- 1 tbsp. rum (or brandy)
- some chocolate sticks
- some jelly bears ( optional )
- some button-shaped candies
( optional )

*You will need muffin paper baking moulds.
Cool, They loot good.
Oh, WOW!!! These look amazingly good!! :)<br>Great job!
These look dangerous but delicious.
That definitely is a lot of chocolate! Nice!

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Bio: I am a University of Edinburgh electronics engineering student.
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