Introduction: Large Delicious Chocolate Cup Cakes

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Do you like chocolete? 
Much much chocolate? 
So do I !
Then let's make some  TASTY   and  CHOCOLATE  and   LARGE  sweets !

Step 1:

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- 3 whole chocolates (you can use dark, milk and /or/ white ones)
- 4 tbsp. cream
- 50 g. butter
- 1 yolk
- 1 tbsp. rum (or brandy)
- some chocolate sticks
- some jelly bears ( optional )
- some button-shaped candies
( optional )

*You will need muffin paper baking moulds.

Step 2:

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Melt all the chocolate in water bath (separably).

Step 3:

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Separate the brown chocolate in two parts and mix one of it with the cream in a bowl.

Step 4:

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Next smear the other half of the brown and the white chocolate on the muffin paper baking moulds. Leave them in freezer to harden.

Step 5:

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Put the yolk, butter and rum into the bowl (with chocolate). Stir with hand mixer and leave the mixture in the fridge to get cool.
After that add crushed (beforehand) chocolate sticks.

Step 6:

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Take out the paper moulds from the freezer and separate the chocolate from them. Optional put some button-shaped candies on the bottom of the chocolate forms. Fill with cream.

Step 7:

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Decorate with jelly bears and more button-shaped candies.
It seems to be ready!
Thank you for whaching!


themoose64 (author)2012-06-06

Cool, They loot good.

ashbegash (author)2012-04-03

Oh, WOW!!! These look amazingly good!! :)
Great job!

jessyratfink (author)2012-04-03

These look dangerous but delicious.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-03-26

That definitely is a lot of chocolate! Nice!

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