See the TV from virtually any angle!

Step 1:

welded the pivoting support arm out of 3/4 inch square tubing and the gusseted mounting plate is built out of 1/4 inch plate and the bolts are 1/2 course thread grade 8.

Step 2: TV Plate

built the plate that fastens on the back of the TV out 3/4 inch angle iron and some pieces of pipe that will slide onto the TV pivot of the arm.

Step 3: Secure the Mount to the Wall!

I mounted to the wall with 3/8 inch lag bolt fasteners as it is supporting a 65" tv..

Step 4: Stowed Position and Extended Articulation

very secure and extremely smooth operation.
<p>Great idea and design.</p>
Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I am designing a fixed mount for my living room and your design will help me.
thank you! u want to see yours when your finished!
I ..I mean
I ..I mean

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