Large K'nex Kunai





Introduction: Large K'nex Kunai

This is a larger kunai than my previously posted one. It has a fairly heavy blade, a thick handle and the identifying loop on the end of the handle.

Step 1: Handle

to make the loop easier to get a finger into, use the two-piece hinges (usually blue and black/green) in place of the red 90* pieces

Step 2: Blade

note: snap the pieces on before connecting them with the green rods, its much easier

Step 3: Joining the Handle and Blade

slide the handle onto the bottom of the blade, lining up the holes. insert the blue rod having the pin on the tan connector in the middle slot, add the other tan connector, pin on the inside. add the black piece to lock it together. kunai complete!



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    I attached the end of your other, smaller, kunai instead of the ring on the back. Unorthodox, but cool. I also had to change them both a little so that my thumbs weren't so blistered.

    13, 5:30 PM.jpg

    The blade took me 15 mins to make alone >.>

    I made both of yours and they are excellent!

    knex and friends 041.JPG

    the hole is great

    I was not able to build the blade part.

    some of the pieces you just have to wedge the rod in to get them to connect

    dude the best one i evar made EVAR