Large Knex Weel Lift With Holes





Introduction: Large Knex Weel Lift With Holes

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OK, this is my new weel lift!

Step 1: The Bottom Mechamism

First you'll make the bottom mechamism.

Step 2: The Left Tower

Now you'll make the left tower

Step 3: The Right Tower

Now you'll make the right tower.

Step 4: The Wheel Holes

NOw you'll make the weel holes.

Step 5: The Weel

Now you'll make the weel.

Step 6: The Rest

Now you'll make the rest.



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    41 Discussions

    okey maby i make this for in my next ball machine

    okey thanks but now i must finish my ballmachine 1 path is finisht have you see my new element you can make it for in your new ballmachine

    :( Maby someone could make new (snd better) pics for the really dark ones.