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I have a cat that has a taste for the outdoors. The thought of him roaming around kills me. I don't want him getting mauled, trapped, or bringing back strange sicknesses for my other cat. So I thought instead of putting up with his complaining in the house, I could send him out to a safe outdoor house where he won't feel so much like he's in a cage.

There are a lot of expensive options and there are a handful of small cheap options. But as you know, if you have pets, most pet products are marked up like crazy and I knew I could do better by repurposing something. 

What you need:
-  6x6x6 Outdoor greenhouse from Harbor Freight (~$100) ( )
-  Chicken wire / fencing (only 6ft necessary but I only had a 50ft roll available)

Reasons I chose this greenhouse as the base
- Cheap
- Reinforced poly walls (because my cat has his claws and may want to claw out.
- Painted steel frame nice and rigid
- Large enough to add perches as well as for me to walk in
- Lightweight / Easy to move
- Watertight Roof over their heads to protect from rain

Basically all I needed to do was take a utility knife to the perimeter of one of the poly panels, creating a flap that I then pinned up. I covered the new opening with wide hole chicken wire (using a ton of zip-ties) to give them a view.

Make sure the soil around the footprint is level otherwise there may be gaps where fluff-fluff could crawl under. Fill with fill or rocks perhaps.


smb90 (author)2015-11-24

I was thinking about making this, but I have a few questions. How strong are the sides? Can they be scratched through? (I am worried about the neighborhood mutts that run loose)

orionsbelt88 (author)2015-07-23

Good idea for an economical project. In case no one mentioned this, I just checked the price of outdoor greenhouse at Harbour Freight and the cost is $299.99 on July 23/15...

musiq021 (author)orionsbelt882015-07-23

That's the one with the solid plastic walls and Aluminum framing. The $99 one is green

carolynkeller (author)2015-06-29

This was posted some time ago, but wondering how do you or the cat get in/out of it?

musiq021 (author)carolynkeller2015-06-29

There is a zippered door on the side. Check out the bottom right picture in the grid above.

ksanpaolo (author)2014-05-25

Great idea i've been looking for something for my 2cats & i think i'll go this idea. Thank you

elking (author)2014-01-06

Great job, my cats would love this. but for those who may want to set this up in an area prone to moderate to strong winds. I would suggest, bedding the polycarbonate in a clear siliconized acrylic caulk like ALEX plus, as the harbor freight panels are prone to blow outs. Further I would suggest some sort of anchoring system as the harbor freight greenhouse design is almost the same as a box kite.

musiq021 (author)elking2014-01-21

Ha! Thanks, I agree on all accounts. The greenhouse comes with stakes but you might still want to invest in something a bit more robust, like the corkscrew type.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-01-06

How awesome is that! Great idea with the chicken wire too!

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