This DIY was created for my 2012 Halloween FAUN costume. I began this project by researching other horn Instructables on this website and YouTube my main inspiration comes from : WndrRt's Craft tutorial on YouTube.

I chose to make Ram's horns because they are Large scale.

What you will need :

(2) Wire hangers  - Free
(1) Wire cutters/pliers  - Free
(1) long wooden dial   - Walmart  .50cents
(1) Jewelry wire  - Walmart  $1.30
(1) low temp glue gun  - Walmart  $5.00
(1) exacto knife (Box cutter)  - Free
(2) packages of low temp glue  - Walmart $3.50
(1) pipe insulation foam   - Hopme Depot $2.00
Scrap material ( I used a old pair of hospital scrub pants)  - Free
(1) roll of wax paper  - Free
(5) packages of foam cord  - Home Depot $3.48 each
(1) roll of crepe paper or streamer paper  - Free
(1) paper mache' kit ( I used flour and water)  - Free
(1) tube of Acrylic paint  - Walmart $3.00
(1) package of cheap sponge brushes  - $1.00
(1) headband  -  Free
(1) ducktape  - Free

If you see Free beside the item, it just means I had the product at home and just used what I had. :)

Step 1: Making the Mold

I knew i would need a large base for this so i chose to use my ironing board because it came with holes already in it and its extremely sturdy. I began with straightening two wire hangers with pliers. I then put the two wires in two holes of the ironing board and twisted them at the base. Once the two wires are secure I began to bend the wires one at a time into the appropriate shape that i felt looked best.

From there I took a 40 cent wooden dial that i purchased from Walmart and made (8) 2 inch mini dials. This would make sure my mold stayed sturdy. Once the 2' dials are hot glued in place, I took an extremely thin wire (typically used for making jewelry) and zig zagged it from the bottom base to the tip of the wires and closed both wires with a rubber band.
Those are great looking horns and the hoof material (the hat) is sheer genius!
Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliment. Took me forever to make the horns and only 30 mins to make the hooves. Funny the less time you put into perfecting something the better they come out. Lol
like ur ~ible =D cheers
Thank you much!!

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