Here is a fairly simple craft, needing only: paper, scissors, and tape (or staples); that gives a great wow factor when you hang it around the house this winter season.

Video of it in action at:
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Step 2: Square the paper

You want each sheet of paper to be square.  If you're starting with regular paper from your printer, or *gasp* type writer, it's a simple matter of folding the top corner down to the edge and lining it up.  Don't worry about the fold mark itself we'll use that in a later step.  Cut off the extra bit.

Once you do this for one, you'll have your square so you can either use that as a guide and cut the remaining stack of five, or if you want to be extra precise, do the fold and cut for each other piece.

If you already have fancy square papers (or not so fancy... have you tried newspaper for a really large one?) around the house, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Fold the paper

Picture of Fold the paper
Now that you have 6 square pieces of paper, you need to do a couple of folds to prepare it before we cut.

Just fold the square into a triangle by taking one corner and folding it down to it's opposite corner.
Then repeat this again so you have two folds (4 layers).

Now do this for each of the 6 pieces.
hiayushman1 year ago
Nice instructable! It looks intricately complex but fairly simple to make one. I can see the excitement in your son's eyes after crafting one :-D
That is very cool :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
Thanks for the suggestion! Done & fingers crossed.