Step 3: Add the cross braces for the floor and top

Picture of Add the cross braces for the floor and top
1. The floor of the coop will be half inch hardware cloth supported by braces.  I used five 1x4s cut to fit snugly within the side 2x4s.  These boards should be oriented vertically to keep the floor rigid.  I predrilled from outside the 2x4x into the ends of the 1x4s so that I could use deck screws to hold each board in place.  The first and last 1x4 can also be attached to the inside of the corner posts.  The other three should be spaced out evenly. 

2. Use 4 1x4s to connect the top 2x4s.  This will give the whole frame additional rigidity.  These will be laid flat across the top 2x4s. 

3.  Use a 2x4 down the middle of the top side of these 1x4s.  The 2x4 will be oriented vertically.  This will give minor slope to the roof.  The roof plywood sheets will be attached to this 2x4.