Step 4: The finished lamp

Picture of The finished lamp
Before attaching, the bag must be closed. The small lamp on the front page was stapled; I closed this one with double sided tape inside the seam. Sewing would also be possible.

Result: A large ceiling light that gives a soft light for very little cost.

Visitors are divided in their opinions. Some say it is art, others say it looks very romantic, yet others that it is strange, and yet others just find it ugly. I'm happy with them.
stib8 years ago
I remember when I was younger I used to make very large kites (> 24 feet across), and my material of choice was woven plastic, because a. You can sew it, and b. being but a wee tacker my funds were limited, but I found that carpet retailers got their rolls of carpet in Huge woven plastic bags that they were happy to give away free. Not sure if that's still the case.
Zak (author)  stib8 years ago
24 feet would make quite an oversized lamp. Interesting :)