Large Popsicle Stick Bomb





Introduction: Large Popsicle Stick Bomb

After seeing many other popsicle bombs I decided that I would make this large and super loud one of my own.

Step 1: Base of the Bomb

Lay three popsicle sticks at one popsicle stick length apart. Lay another below the two outer sticks and above the middle as in picture 2. Do the opposite for the middle as in picture 3 and the same as the first for the last one as in picture 4. Square The whole thing off until it looks like picture five.

Step 2: Adding More Sticks for More Bang

Squeeze the sticks towards the centre until they are touching side by side as in picture one. Continue to add sticks in opposite directions until it appears as picture 2. Your "bomb" is now complete. Simply throw it on its end on any hard surface.

Step 3: A Short Video of the Bomb in Action



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    Cool, I haven't seen this type of popsicle stick bomb before! Is there any way to make it bigger?