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This is the biggest engine i have ever made, i would really say that PLEASE WEAR EAR MUFFS while you start any bigger pulsejet. Today i experienced the pain of the loudness. Tomorrow iam going to buy an ear muffs for sure, my ears would have been blasted today. You could see at the end i ran away leaving the cylinder and the camera woman ran away. Really i didnt expect so much sound. Used one pair of injectors and fueled only two intakes.

Actually i closed one of the intakes because my tank was only 8kg during starting and after it has been started engine will automatically throw away the cloth and started screaming with high thrust. Engine successfully ran with four intakes. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


HammE (author)2013-05-09

Wow! Amazing flame!

mh76dk (author)2012-01-07

I hope your neighbours know what you are doing, might be quite a shock with the noise and fire otherwise ;-)

ganuganu (author)mh76dk2012-01-07

yeah they do, many support me :D

rimar2000 (author)2012-01-07

Did you try it WITHOUT intake pipes, as I suggested? It is to say, air intake be the same exhaust tube.

Besides, I think the conic section in this design is inverted, the thinner part would be the end, not the begin of the exhaust tube. Pardon my English.

Congrats for your experiments!

ganuganu (author)rimar20002012-01-07

It has got four intake pipes.

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