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This is our first try at making a LARP (Live Action Role Play) weapon, this will also be used in photography since we are photographers.

It was also a great opportunity for my to try our new toy, a foam cutter :P

Step 1:

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Get your design and do a rough cut out, the material is cellular plastic (foam) that is used to insulate floors, walls etc in houses.

The pink cellular plastic is nice to work with since it doesn't fall in to little pieces.

Step 2:

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If you have a foam cutter this part will be much easier, cut close to the lines you made. After you are done with the basic cutting cut it in an angle to make it rounder either with the foam cutter or with an x-acto knife.

Step 3:

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Sand it with a 240 grit sand paper (a rougher paper will tear pieces off).

In the bottom of the axe make a hole that you can put the staff in, I made the hole with the foam cutter, we got several different tools in the package.

Step 4:

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Cover all with aluminium tape to get a nice texture.

Step 5:

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To get some extra texture to the staff I rolled wire around it.Then covered it with aluminium tape.

Step 6:

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All covered in aluminium tape.

Step 7:

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After I painted it (I used acrylic paint) I sanded the paint down a bit to add some finish to it.

Step 8:

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I glued it together with hot glue, don't let the glue get to hot so it won't melt the cellular plastic.

Varnish it to make it last better.


generalph (author)2016-02-07

oh that's so cool it looks so real

Jednorozec (author)generalph2016-02-08

Thanks a lot :)

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