This is a litte caravan trailer inspired by this book: http://www.amazon.com/Larrys-Caravan-Tales-Hopping-Wood
My son asked me to make it for him one day, specifically asking me to 3D print it at the TechShop! I thought a combination of 3D printing and laser cutting would be faster and more fun so here you are!

Step 1: Materials List

Makerbot replicator2 3D printer (available at TechShop)
Epilog Laser (available at TechShop)
1 sheet 11x17 thin wood veneer (http://store.hiromipaper.com/paperwoodwoodveneer.aspx)
1/8" diameter brass or aluminum tube  - I got mine from an art store
hot glue gun
toy truck or car with approx. 40mm wheels
blue paint (optional) 

VERY Cool!!
What a great project! I love the blue roof. :D

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