Picture of Lasagna Cupcakes

Who likes sweet and normal cupcakes anyway, this perfectly little portioned food is perfect for children's parties you are looking for something more interesting, as well as looking beautiful and delicious gives off the impression of complexity while remaining incredibly simple.  

Step 1: Lasagna casing

Picture of Lasagna casing
Lasanga Cupcakes 037.JPG
You should use either fresh lasagna sheets or the cheaper dried ones if they have been soaked for one hour. you should also use metal cupcake holders instead of the silicon ones that i have used here you should oil the metal one before use. 

Full list of ingredients Picture 1.

Placing the soaked lasagna sheets in the cupcake holders half a sheet will be sufficient for each one Picture 2.
MonkiMan1 year ago

as a regular garfield i absolutely love this idea but i have one question, how crunchy does the pasta get?

NetWt4Lbs1 year ago
How crispy does the pasta itself get?
omnibot1 year ago
That is pure genius. Why didn't I think of this?
jkantwood1 year ago
I really like the video
Nicola2831 year ago

Wow these look so yummy, great dish for tea!

You have so many delicuios foods to share! I love it! I love personal sized pasta dishes :D

FJYE (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you, its always nice to be appreciated :D