Picture of Laser Animation Flipbook
Oldschool flipbook-bookflipping meets newschool hightech-laserphotography!
Or, less excitingly expressed, you transform a GIF into a cool GIF into a flipbook.

Grab your light sabers and let's get started, woosh!
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Step 1: The Ingredients

Clear your table and decoratively arrrange the following things you will need:
  • A good camera: DSLRs are nice. Basically it must have the function of manual shutter speed (20sec)
  • A laser pointer: Red or green or both
  • A dark room
  • A nice GIF
  • Animation Shop 3
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Glossy paper to print on or a good address to print flipbooks

Step 2: The Right Animation

Picture of The Right Animation
It is not easy to find the right animation. It has to fulfill the following criterions:
  • Lenght: 30 - 60 frames, when you calculate 10 frames per second, that would be 3 - 6 seconds (genius).
  • Content: A simple motive, a person doing something is nice.
  • Movement: The character should move in each frame, because the frames will later be drawn one above another in different colors.
You can either search for animated GIFs in the internet, use a video or draw it yourself.
Some examples for suitable animations:
  • PBJ-Banana
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Sports
When you are satisfied with the animation, open it with Animation Shop 3 (freeware).
s.pizzle2 years ago
Thats awesome.
ray742 years ago
Very creative. I like this.
Mooch072 years ago
zirtaeb2 years ago
really :)
zirtaeb2 years ago
zirtaeb2 years ago
really :)
zirtaeb2 years ago
really :)
zirtaeb2 years ago
really :)
zirtaeb2 years ago
really :)
zirtaeb2 years ago
imbigman3 years ago
This is an awesome technique. Did you come up with this or did you find it some where? I guess it doesn't matter, I'm giving it a go anyway. It's so simple. Love it!
nothinglabs4 years ago
that's pretty dang cool. nice work!
Dude, that rocks! I think imma vote for you.
that is so cool!! I like the video of the skateboard dude