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Hello again Instructables.  I redid my Laser Art Instructable because before I could only force the camera to keep the shutter open for eight seconds.  Now, after looking through the settings on the camera, I found a mode that lets me keep the shutter open for up to a minute!  On a Lumix (by Panasonic) Camera, the mode is called Scene Mode, and you select "Starry Night" in the menu.  It will then ask  you how long you want to keep the shutter open for.  I found that the 30 second timing was the best for my drawings.  I took 30 seconds to draw the picture, then had to wait another 30 for the image to load.  These pictures turned out much better than the others.  I was able to trace around objects in my room, and i found that the snowboard looks the coolest because of the blue light behind it.  I also drew a better stick person, a flock of birds, and wrote instructables.  The way I got the dots was by placing my finger over the laser while I stood in front of the camera.  Then I just spelled out the word backwords.  This is a great project if you have a laser, a camera, a tripod, and some time on your hands!  Please vote for me in the Wicked Lasers Contest and the I Made It Photo Contest.  Thanks!



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Hello if you want to see something amazing with a laser see my LASER GRAFFITI "HOW TO"


aaaaaaaaaaaaawsome ,dude !

um this is unfair you entered twice for just adding some more photos

I would not go so far as to say unfair.

From the contest page:

"Multiple entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize. "

well, whoever was moderating the contest allowed it, so I will arrgue that it is fair. All Instructables contests are moderated.

hm cool. I don't know much about lasers and how u did it but i will vote for you!

If you read Laser Art, my first instructable on the topic, it goes over everything. What you need is a tripod and you also need to set your camera so that the shutter stays open for as long as you need it to. Thanks for your support!

This is even better!