Step 4: Using the Laser

The laser I used was the cheap red ones for like 2 bucks. To make it more discreet I wrapped it with black tape. Wherever you choose to mount it, make sure it can be adjusted easily and that it can be left on. A good idea is to modify those metal flexy lights so you can attach the laser. I used a hose clamp to leave the on button pressed.
Can i connect this to a raspberry pi so the pi sounds the alarm when the beam is broken?
HI :) <br> <br>I've already checked the circuit 3x. but the buzzer wont sound. :\ <br> <br>but the photo resistor recognizes light and respond properly. its just the buzzer wont sound.?
sorry for the late reply....Hmmm what type of buzzer are you using? Try replacing the buzzer with and LED and see if it lights when triggered. Also in the schematic there is a squiggly line on the npn transistor from the emitter to collector that shouldn't there just in case you accidentally connected it.
<p>Hi sir please send me the circuit diagram </p><p>this is my email legaspimarajoy@gmail.com</p>
<p>Could you send me circuit diagram too?</p><p>And can you make a video, so we can see how it works</p>
pls send me a right circuit diagram <br>my e-mail : ajay159lamba@gmail.com
i am use LF351 Op-Amp of IC1 Dual Op-Amp pls tell me its work properly

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