Introduction: Laser Bounce Mirrors

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To my surprise, as I was cleaning out my room the other day, I found a pretty powerful laser pointer! This project was made quickly to experiment with what I could do with a laser pointer, but it's pretty and a fun project nonetheless, that doesn't require much prep - just:

  • 3-5 small mirrors
  • cardboard sheet
  • scissor
  • laser pointer

Step 1: Erect the First Mirror

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Using scissors, create a small slit in the cardboard as to slot the small mirror into. To this near a corner of the cardboard. When placing the small mirror, make sure to stand it upright, but angle it slightly to the side so that the laser will reflect at an angle towards the rest of the cardboard.

Step 2: Position the Next Mirrors

Picture of Position the Next Mirrors

To find the position and angle of the next mirrors, point the laser at the first mirror at an angle (as shown), and mark down approximately where on the cardboard that the light is reflected towards. From the picture, you can tell that I started making slots (again with the scissors) for the second mirror to reflect the laser beam.

Step 3: Add in Rest of Mirrors

Picture of Add in Rest of Mirrors

Continue positioning the mirrors on the cardboard until you've reached the end of the board or run out of mirrors. Getting the laser and mirrors positions correctly to continuously reflect off each mirror can be pretty frustrating, just remember that you can adjust the angle of the mirrors to get them to reflect the laser towards different places.

Step 4: Glue in Place

Picture of Glue in Place

Once you've got your mirrors all positioned correctly, hot glue them into place! Be careful though, as you glue, keep check that you haven't change the angle of the mirrors, and that they still all reflect at the correct angles.

Step 5: Turn Off the Lights!

Picture of Turn Off the Lights!

Now that everything is fixed in place, it's time to enjoy! Turn off the lights or go somewhere darker, and try out the laser - the lights will be much brighter and more vibrant in the dark!


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