This is a simple, yet effective tutorial on how to replace the arms of a clock with a line laser.  This is a quick gen 1, but future generations could make this an awesome little clock.

This is what you'll need:
- line laser (http://dx.com/p/red-laser-module-focused-line-3-5v-4-5v-16mm-5mw-5928?sourceSKU=46389)
-watch battery
-bare bones clock (either buy on online or take apart an old one)
-cover (I used a little plastic cover I found lying around, be creative)
-some paint

Step 1:

Assemble the clock.  Attach the laser to the hour hand with glue or tape.  I added a watch battery as the power source for the laser, but ideally it'd run off of the same power source as the clock.  I chose to just  use an hour hand because I liked the simplicity of a single "arm."  Also, you can add a separate laser to the minute hand if you'd like.  I just kept it simple.

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