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This is a simple, yet effective tutorial on how to replace the arms of a clock with a line laser.  This is a quick gen 1, but future generations could make this an awesome little clock.

This is what you'll need:
- line laser (
-watch battery
-bare bones clock (either buy on online or take apart an old one)
-cover (I used a little plastic cover I found lying around, be creative)
-some paint

Step 1:

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Assemble the clock.  Attach the laser to the hour hand with glue or tape.  I added a watch battery as the power source for the laser, but ideally it'd run off of the same power source as the clock.  I chose to just  use an hour hand because I liked the simplicity of a single "arm."  Also, you can add a separate laser to the minute hand if you'd like.  I just kept it simple.

Step 2: Cover

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Wow. That was fast.  This is the last step.

Spray paint your cover and attach it to the clock.  I actually attached mine to the wall independently of the clock, but either will work.  If you don't trust your judgement on where the arm is pointing exactly, you can attach numbers to the creative!

You've done it! This was a SUPER simple instructable that yields an amazing result and look.



bighurtx (author)2017-12-06

Nice!! Is it still working

schaudhary5 (author)2014-01-14


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