Way back in 2006, I published this air-horn project.

It was a nice, simple project that I recreated many times for myself, or with students, until film cannisters became a rarity.

I recently discovered that Martin Raynsford had produced a laser-cut version of the air-horn, so I decided that I really ought to make my own.

Step 1: Needful Things

As well as a laser cutter and the files attached, you will need...

  • Sheet material - I used 3mm plywood for this instructable, but almost any sold sheet material will work. The design is not dependent on sheet thickness, just remember that you will be putting 3 thickness of the material between your lips.
  • Nuts and bolts - the holes in my design are sized for "M3" bolts - if you are using 3mm material, and adding all 5 layers, your bolts will been to be at least 18mm long.
  • Glue to suit your sheet material.
  • An elastic membrane - I used a rubber party balloon, but any stretchy sheet material (such as a disposable glove) will work.
  • Tools to tighten your nuts and bolts.
  • Scissors cut the membrane.
  • A needle file, or a flat-sided disposable file.
  • A marker might be useful.
  • If your membrane material is very thick (such as a dead whoopie cushion), a curved file might be useful.
<p>I'm entering this in a couple of contests - if you see a &quot;Vote&quot; banner at the top of the page, I'd be grateful for a couple of clicks...</p>
<p>Thanks for the project. Works great</p>
<p>Made the larger hole version as well. Does have a lower tone.</p>
Awesome - thanks for sharing!
<p>I had a much larger outlet hole in the middle and mine was up to deafening levels of volume (when the membrane was stretched really tight). I like the membrane on this, seems much easier to get in place. I'll definitely be taking another go at mine soon.</p><p><br><a href="http://msraynsford.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/noise-makers-air-horn.html" rel="nofollow">http://msraynsford.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/noise-ma...</a></p>
<p>See the newly-added Step 10!</p>
<p>I used a small hole purely because my first model used a straw.</p><p>Sounds like a larger hole is worth exploring...</p>
<p>(And the part of me that was shaped by Carry On films just re-read that and giggled.)</p>
<p>at first glance i thought it was some sort of laser cut sandwich lol</p>
<p>Haha, I suppose it does!</p>
<p>The files you've uploaded don't match what your showing in your instructable? Tried opening them in different programs and there's only three parts, did you check them before uploading and publishing?</p>
<p>Good catch - I accidentally uploaded the prototype's files. All fixed now.</p>
<p>Cool, thanks. Can't wait to give it a try.</p>
<p>A friend of mine had one of these. We were all sitting in the back of a car going to a different friend's house, and he pulls out this CO2 air horn and lets loose. </p>
<p>I bet he was... <em>popular...</em></p>
<p>Or not.</p>

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