Laser Cut Bar Sign Tribute - Closing Time - Semisonic



Introduction: Laser Cut Bar Sign Tribute - Closing Time - Semisonic

This project was made on the epilogue laser at TechShop. It was a simple project that made a great decoration for my basement bar.

Step 1: Design With Corel Draw

Using Corel Draw, I created two layers to the design. the first was a sign "sorry we're closed" which was to be printed, and the second was "every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end" - a lyric quote which is rastered off.

Step 2: Printing With the Laser

I printed each layer individually, the print first and the raster second. Each material is different so I had to experiment with some scrap to find a look I wanted. After finding the right setting, the layers had to be printed. Prepare for a wait because this project took 45 minutes total, but they range depending on settings.



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