Picture of Laser Cut Cardboard Dalek Eyestalk
0 - 2 - Cardboard Dalek Eyestalk.JPG
0 - 3 - Cardboard Dalek Eyestalk.JPG
0 - 4 - Carboard Dalek Eyestalk.JPG
0 - 5 - Daleks.png
What devoted Whovian would not want to own a full size replica of a Dalek Eyestalk? Using some photos of Daleks (like the one in the fifth photo) as a guide, I used Autodesk Inventor to create a 3D model of a Dalek Eyestalk, Autodesk 123D Make to create a sliced model of the eyestalk, a laser cutter to cut the slices out of cardboard, and glue and a steel rod to assemble the parts and produce a model like images in this step.

I made this at TechShop.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
1 - 2 - Parts.JPG
1 - 3 - Parts.JPG
1 - 4 - Parts.JPG
1 - 5 - Parts.JPG
You will need the following parts and tools to make the Dalek Eyestalk:

Eyestalk Parts:
  • Six sheets of 18" x 18" corrugated cardboard.  You can cut up corrugated cardboard boxes or you can order pre-cut sheets at office supply stores like Staples (only four sheets are shown in the photo).
  • White glue.
  • One 1/4" #20 threaded rod at least 24" long.  You can get these at hardware stores like Home Depot.
  • Heavy nuts and washers to be used as weights while gluing.
Stand Parts:
  • One sheet of 1/8" Acrylic at least 9.25" x 10".  Sheets of acrylic are available from plastics retailers like Tap Plastics
  • Acrylic cement like IPS Weldon-On #16.  Available at plastics retailers.
  • Vise attached to a workbench.
  • Laser Cutter.  I used an Epilog Helix 45 Watt Laser cutter at TechShop.
Computer Software:

Step 2: Create Sketch of the Dalek Eyestalk

Picture of Create Sketch of the Dalek Eyestalk
2 - 2 - Dalek Eyestalk Plans.PNG
2 - 3 - Dalek Eyestalk Plans.PNG
2 - 4 - Dalek Eyestalk Sketch.PNG
2 - 5 - Dalek Eyestalk Sketch.PNG
2 - 6 - Dalek Eyestalk Sketch.PNG
2 - 7 - Dalek Eyestalk Sketch.PNG
Using photos of Daleks I found on the web, I created an outline of a Dalek Eyestalk with measurements like the ones shown in the first three drawings.  Using Autodesk Inventor 2012 (you could do something similar in Autodesk 123D Design if you don't have access to Inventor), I created a sketch of the outline of half of an eyestalk as shown the fourth through seventh screenshots. 

Step 3: Turn the 2D Sketch into a 3D Model

Picture of Turn the 2D Sketch into a 3D Model
3 - 2 - Revolve the Sketch.PNG
3 - 3 - Revolve the Sketch.PNG
3 - 4 - Dalek Eyestalk.PNG
3 - 5 - Dalek Eyestalk.PNG
3 - 6 - Dalek Eyestalk.PNG
Using the "revolve" tool in Inventor, I selected the center line of the sketch, did a full revolve (first two screenshots) and created a 3D model of the Dalek Eyestalk as shown in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth screenshots.
Looks awesome! Thanks for the Stacked Slices tip!
Ever think of fiberglassing this? That would be really cool!
workislove2 years ago
I've only just discovered Doctor Who, and I quite approve of this 'ible.
crapflinger2 years ago
comment win!
jschrempp2 years ago
You are one bad ass scifi model maker. Nice job.