One of my favorite science fiction characters is Nomad from the original Star Trek.   Nomad appeared in the episode called "The Changeling".  Nomad was more than just any space probe: Nomad could levitate, had almost unlimited power and was sentient.  Having just completed a class on Autodesk Inventor, I thought I'd try out my new found skills and create a 3D model of Nomad in Inventor, use 123D Make to create a sliced model, use a laser cutter to cut the slices from corrugated cardboard, and then glue them together to create a reasonable sized model.

The finished model is shown in the first photo.  The second photo shows the actual Nomad in the Engineering section of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  The third image is a 2D diagram of the model I created.

I made it at TechShop.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

To build a 24 inch model of Nomad you will need access to a laser cutter and you will need the following materials and tools:
  • Eight 18" square sheets of corrugated cardboard. You can cut up corrugated cardboard boxes or you can order pre-cut sheets at office supply stores like Staples. (only four sheets are shown in the photo).
  • White glue.
  • One 28" 3/32" phenolic rod (available from Grainger Industrial Supply. Rods are available in 4 foot lengths - part #3HNE6).  You can also use wood rods.
  • Vise attached to a workbench
  • Wire Cutters
If you want to modify the model, you will need Autodesk Inventor 2012.  If you want to change the size of the model or use different size sheets or materials you will need to download and install 123D Make.
<p>Thanks for sharing!!!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing!!!</p>
Great work! NOMAD is my favorite from the original Star Trek series. <br> <br>Check out my NOMAD model if you get a chance.

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