Step 2: Create a File

Create a series of cellular shapes using the pen tool. Once you are happy with the number of cells, trace around the outline of all of the shapes also using the pen tool.

Make a 1/4" circle and place it at the center of your clock.

Finally, select all of the paths and join them together by going to:

Object --> Path --> Join

Your file should now be done and ready for printing.
haha cool so so coll
<p>Really cool idea, I had fun with this. Thank you! :)</p>
<p>Funky! Love it!</p>
This is really creative!! Nicely done!!!
Hi very nice job, compliments. <br>I would like to put some of your art on my website, <br>Would you contact me at lori.venturi@gmail.com <br>Thanks <br>Loredana
sweet looking. Wheres the instructable robot clock?
These are real cool. Thanks for sharing
I like the red pattern. <br> I think Hobby Lobby sell's clock mechanisms. I think they have 2 different types. Might be interesting to cut &quot;hands&quot;, maybe in an unusual shape while the laser cutter is hot. <br> The red shape would be recognizable from a distance as a clock as well as artistic.

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