Picture of Laser Cut Cork Coasters @ TechShop Chandler

This is a tutorial for some quick and easy custom coasters. These instructions are assuming that you are using the Universal Lasers @ TechShop Chandler, and that you have taken the SBU and are familiar with how to operate the machine.

For more information on the TechShop or to schedule a class, visit

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Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need the Illustrator file provided, and some thin (less than .125") cork. I got my cork in a roll from Hobby Lobby and cut the material down to fit the laser bed.

Step 2: Customize File & Print

Picture of Customize File & Print
File custom.PNG
print settings.PNG

Open up the Illustrator file and change the text to whatever you would like. You can make the text smaller and do the full last name, or any number of things. Just make sure that whatever you want to be etched on the coaster is in black.

When you have finished customizing the look of the coasters, go ahead and print from Illustrator to the laser program. From the print screen in Illustrator, make sure to hit "Setup" and "Preferences" to access the laser settings. Set your material height, and choose cork for the material. Make sure to hit apply, and once you are back in the print dialog, hit "Print"

Step 3: Setup Materials on Laser Bed

Picture of Setup Materials on Laser Bed

Since my cork came on a roll, it was not entirely flattened out when i went to put it in the laser bed. To counteract that issues, I used some masking tape to hold down the edges. Ideally, you would want to let the cork sit long enough under some weights that it will flatten out.

gowlery (author) 1 year ago

I used the stock settings for "Cork Board" that come with the Universal Lasers. I don't know exactly what the percentages are off hand, I will try to remember to look the next time I'm at the TechShop!

What power/speed/hertz settings did you use?

gowlery (author) 1 year ago
I got this cork from hobby lobby. It came in a roll. I don't remember the price, but I remember thinking it was a decent deal

Interesting! I like these.
I've been meaning to get some cork for laser projects. Do you have a good supplier?