Quick, and awesome project to make safe throwing stars for children. They don't fly terribly well, but young kids wont notice.

You will want to get the thicker 1/4 inch craft foam as the thin 1/8th stuff is just too flimsy.

Step 1: Have Kids.

No pictures for this step, if you don't know how this part is done, Instructables might not be the place to find out, but the internet has plenty of other sites that should help.

If you don't want to have kids (its a long wait) you could adopt, or find somebody to love that already has kids. I did the latter, and now I have two awesome dudes to make throwing stars for.

You could, theoretically, make them for yourself I suppose too.
<p>Is this foam safe to use on a laser? At TechShop? Did you get the DC's approval? I am looking for foam to make inserts for laser cut boxes.</p>
Hi very nice job, compliments. <br>I would like to put some of your art on my website, <br>Would you contact me at lori.venturi@gmail.com <br>Thanks <br>Loredana
these are awesome! I have a feeling these would keep some adults I know very entertained as well! will you post your eps files?

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