Introduction: Laser Cut Crate

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Here is a guide in how to make a weathered looking wooden crate on a laser cutter. The good thing about it, is that it has a more solid bottom, than most lasercut boxes that use box joints.

Step 1: Cut and Glue

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Using the lasercutter, cut the parts from the PDF or Illustrator file. Then glue it together.

Step 2: Clamp and Drye

Picture of Clamp and Drye

Clamp it together and then let it set, afterwards it looks like the image om the right.

Step 3: Weather Using a Blowtorch

Picture of Weather Using a Blowtorch

By burning it with a blowtorch it will get a weathered look, afterwards i lightly sanded away the charred bits.

Step 4: Coating It With Bees Wax

Picture of Coating It With Bees Wax

By coating it with bees wax, the natural colors of the wood really pops. It also makes it feel less drye.

Step 5: Clean

Picture of Clean

After coating it, i thoroughly cleaned it with a papertowel.


I like the weathered look you got using the blow torch. Nice job!

Thanks :D

jmmccarty (author)2014-03-10

Looks nice, I like the finish as well. Did you use 1/4in (5mm) plywood?

Da3da1u5 (author)jmmccarty2014-03-11

I used 3.4 mm plywood :)

Da3da1u5 (author)Da3da1u52014-03-11

Well that's what my caliper said :)

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