Recently I've been experimenting with the equipment at the Allen Park/Detroit TechShop.  If you are unaware of TechShop, please go out and get to know them at  techshop.com.

After the introduction course for laser cutting, I thought I'd throw together a quick project to hone my basic skills. This project involves finding and editing a piece of clip art into a laser cut acrylic stand up, then edge lighting it with LEDs.

Step 1: Find Your Artwork

I began by simply Googling "Halloween vector art."  After many suitable choices, I decided to use this as my art, with some minor alterations:
<p>that's nice.</p><p>please upload your cdr file</p><p>thanx</p>
<p>Oh nice</p>
Very cool. It looks like it has depth! I thought you had stacked a few layers. <br> <br>Nice job.
Yeah - etching on the back seems to make it both deeper looking and &quot;whiter&quot; looking. This is 3/8&quot; acrylic, so it already has some depth to it, but the back etch certainly helps.

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