Laser Cut Ipod Dock





Introduction: Laser Cut Ipod Dock

This is a custom Ipod dock, is laser cut out of 1/4" oak plywood. The power cord and audio cord are set in place with a heavy coat of epoxy. This dock handles your power needs (USB cord with AC plug attached) and allows you to plug R/L audio in the form of RCAs, for your TV or stereo receiver.

Great addition to the home stereo. I have the Ipod power plugged into the back of my receiver, so when I turn my stereo off, the Ipod turns off too.



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    That looks cool! I wish I had a laser cutter... :-(

    ponoko will do laser cutting for you if you provide a vector file that adheres to their pecifications

    and pay a hefty price for a single piece of work

    it's still cheaper than buying the laser cutter yourself ;) I found it depends a lot on the cuts. A couple of extra cuts can increase cost quite a bit!

    I'm lucky that i have access to 3 laser cutters at my architecture college. Free to use for students. I'm on it every day making new stuff.

    I architecture school fun/easy? (I really want to be an architect when I grow up.)

    I alway enjoyed school, so i loved it. It is quite possibly the most demanding and hardest of all college degrees. Architects have to learn a little of everything. But it is a great thing to do.