Laser Cut Jewelry Display




Introduction: Laser Cut Jewelry Display

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You will need:
Acrylic Bender or Heat Gun
Laser cutter

Step 1: Cut

Included we have 3 basic files that will hold either a set of "Earrings", a "Necklace" or a "Set" of both a necklace and earrings.

The files are provided in .svg and .Ai
Engrave along blue lines, and cut along red lines.

Use a laser cutter to cut out the desired files. We're using the FSL Hobby Laser.

Step 2: Bend

Once your files are cut, we will need to bend them along the engraved line. This will create a platform for the display to stand on.

We're using a strip heater to heat a precision section of the acrylic, though a heat gun will create enough heat to easily bend the acrylic.

Bend the two sections to the desired angle.

Step 3: Decorate

Proudly display your dinosaur necklaces or any other jewelry on your custom stand.



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