Picture of Laser Cut Layered Flower Necklace
We love playing with different materials on our laser cutter, and we really wanted to show that you can create a natural beauty with a CNC laser cutter that is so precise.

For something so easily produced it has a lovely hand crafted feel and everything we used was recycled from old clothes that we tea stained to give a soft look.

You can create this both with a laser cutter or by hand if you don't have access to one using scissors and buttons.

Changing the material and colours drasticly changes how the necklace feels and what kind of statement you want to make.

It takes about 1 hour to cut and make this necklace so why not give it a go

The team at

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Step 1: The Concept Of The Flower Necklace

Picture of The Concept Of The Flower Necklace
In the initial design concept we envisaged a multi layered statement necklace that was both perfect and natural.

We used AutoCAD 2011 to create our flowers and shape our base layer.

We were able to use AutoCAD not only for the perfection of the design but also able to use it to directly output the cut parts directly to the laser.

We love AutoCAD due to its easy nature to create complex repeated parts that always come out just how we have drawn them.

We have included the AutoCAD 2011 file as well as a Corel Draw file that you can use to make your own (although not for financial gain or for profit please)

Step 2: Materials & Equipment

Picture of Materials & Equipment
We used the following materials in our instructable :

- A4 Sheet of Felt
- 4 x A3 Sized sheets of fabric
- 1 Meter of ribbon
- 3mm thick white acrylic
- Reel of cotton

We used the following tools in our instructable :

- Laser cutter (in our case a Universal Laser 4.60)
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun and sticks
- Scalpel
- Cutting Mat
- Sewing needle
- Sewing Machine (optional)

Step 3: The Felt Base

Picture of The Felt Base
Using the cut file, export the horse shoe shaped necklace backing to your laser cutter (or print at 100% scale and cut by hand)
kde leon31 year ago
triumphman2 years ago
Wish I had a laser. Most of us out here can't afford or get access to one! Boohoo! The things I could make! Awesome!
That is amazing. I love seeing more uses like this for a laser cutter. :D
littlebiglaser (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank-you so much, It makes me happy that you love it as it makes the effort of creating this worth it :)
I love this! I agree with jessyratfink, it is nice to see something else done with a laser cutter :D
i would love to thank you both for your comments, its sometimes nervewrecking to submit your designs to a crowd, and your warm response will inspire us to create more beautiful things with the laser.
We have so many designs and ideas that im sure you will love.

Again thank-you so much