Step 11: Finished Product

Now that the glue has cooled its time to get your favorite dress on and do the following:

- Wear
- Enjoy
- Look and Feel Stunning

We hope you have enjoyed our first instructable, we know we have...

We will be back with more..

Chris & Stacey of Littlebiglaser
Wish I had a laser. Most of us out here can't afford or get access to one! Boohoo! The things I could make! Awesome!
That is amazing. I love seeing more uses like this for a laser cutter. :D
Thank-you so much, It makes me happy that you love it as it makes the effort of creating this worth it :)
I love this! I agree with jessyratfink, it is nice to see something else done with a laser cutter :D
i would love to thank you both for your comments, its sometimes nervewrecking to submit your designs to a crowd, and your warm response will inspire us to create more beautiful things with the laser. <br>We have so many designs and ideas that im sure you will love. <br> <br>Again thank-you so much

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Bio: Based In Charlton, London I am trying to push what can be done with Laser cutters.
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