Laser Cut Leather | Neck Choker | Jewellery




Introduction: Laser Cut Leather | Neck Choker | Jewellery

This lesson will explain how Kristin from George Brown College's Jewelry department used our lasers to cut leather to create a beautiful neck choker combined with sterling silver ring elements!

Step 1: Cutting the Leather

Before cutting we placed masking paper on top of our leather in order to prevent any burn marks on the material.

Using the Speedy400 flexx laser machine with 100 power and 75 speed, we cut one large strip of leather with smaller fringe on the bottom.

Step 2: Cleaning the Leather

After cutting we cleaned any residue left with a damp paper towel so that we don't leave any marks on the skin.

Step 3: Adding Jump Rings

The last step is to insert the jump rings into the small slot we cut with the laser. This would be at one end of the choker so we can attach both sides when putting it on.

Remember you can insert more slots in various areas to attach chains to bring a more complex looking and unique style!

Have fun creating your own accessories!



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