These Christmas cards were inspired by Snijlab's living hinge design: our hackspace received a couple of copies of their folding wood booklets and I thought that the design could be adapted to make a unique card.

The design is an adaptation of their horizontal folding wood booklet, and features a paper insert for writing your message on.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Laser cutter
- A4 sheets of 3mm laser plywood (one sheet for each card and one for testing)
- Scotch wool / fine grain sandpaper
- White spirit
- Wood stain
- Thin tip paintbrush
- Sponge, brush or cloth for applying wood stain and wax
- Wax polish
- A6 sheets of cream paper (one for each card)
- Punch tool
- Brown leather cord (40cm for each card)
- Cream envelopes

wow..this is a wedding card idea too. <br>
Nice work! I have never heard this type of design called a 'living hinge'.
Glad you like it :) There's loads of mods of the living hinge design online, check this out for inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/cgb50/living-hinge/

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