Picture of Laser Cut Living Hinge Christmas Cards

These Christmas cards were inspired by Snijlab's living hinge design: our hackspace received a couple of copies of their folding wood booklets and I thought that the design could be adapted to make a unique card.

The design is an adaptation of their horizontal folding wood booklet, and features a paper insert for writing your message on.

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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need

- Laser cutter
- A4 sheets of 3mm laser plywood (one sheet for each card and one for testing)
- Scotch wool / fine grain sandpaper
- White spirit
- Wood stain
- Thin tip paintbrush
- Sponge, brush or cloth for applying wood stain and wax
- Wax polish
- A6 sheets of cream paper (one for each card)
- Punch tool
- Brown leather cord (40cm for each card)
- Cream envelopes

Step 2: Design your card

I modified the original living hinge design to be slightly larger than the A6 card inserts, and removed the notch as the card won't need to be held closed after it's taken out of the envelope.

I hand-drew two different robot designs to go on the front of the cards, scanned these into my computer and modified them slightly in Illustrator before importing them into the card design.

For the design to cut properly, the hinges and the outside edge of the card should be separate colours so the hinges can be cut first.

I've attached my designs, but Snijlab's original living hinge design is available to download from Thingiverse and there are also plenty of other modifications online if you want to create your own card design from scratch.

wow..this is a wedding card idea too.
Nice work! I have never heard this type of design called a 'living hinge'.
ejosully (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
Glad you like it :) There's loads of mods of the living hinge design online, check this out for inspiration: