Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted a rubber band gun. Growing up, my parents would never buy me one because they were afraid I would hurt myself. Now that I'm an adult, I'm old enough to make my own! My urge to own one started when I walked down a toy store with my girlfriend to browse around, and saw the rubber band guns on sale, which were not cheap!

So, since I work at the tool shop in my college I'm attending, I decided to make my own rubber band gun. As an avid Mass Effect fan, I decided this would be a great opportunity to make one based on it. Not only is it a fun toy, but also a great prop for fans! Big shout out to the YouTube user: RBguns for his designs and free plans for his rubber band guns. Using the similar mechanism RBguns used for his M-9 rubber band gun, I designed the M-6 Carnifex around it. Instead of hand cutting all the parts like RBguns did, I used the laser cutter I have access to on campus to cut all the parts out, along with etching the parts for the extra detail!

And following with RBguns' style, I will be giving out the laser cut files for free in this tutorial! So if you want to make your own M-6 Carnifex, come on through!


If you like this tutorial as much as I did taking the time to make it, please consider taking the time in voting for me in the Epilog contest and Halloween Prop contest as well! This is my first tutorial, so please, any and all constructive criticism will be appreciated.

Step 1: Gather Your References and Supplies

To start, I would recommend going online and looking up some images to reference the gun if you were making this from scratch and to just get a feel of what it would look like from different angles.


  • Three sheets of 12"x 24" x 1/8" (or 3mm) plywood (I use Baltic Birch from my local hardwood store, but you can get the sheet size from Michaels)
  • 1/8" wooden dowel rod
  • #4 x 3/4" flat head wood screws
  • Small rubber bands (I just buy the assorted size)
  • Regular size rubber bands (I just buy the assorted size)
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Stain (Optional)

Tools Needed

  • Sand paper (various grits from 220 to however high you wish to go)
  • Utility knife (in case you need to cut the laser cut parts out)
  • Glue Spreader (optional, or just you a stick, a card, your finger, etc)
  • Laser Cutter (technically you can print them out and cut them by hand if you want)
  • Adobe Illustrator (or an open source program similar)
<p>Excellent project! I'll be making one (or three...) shortly. Also, as I have access to a larger bed laser, I've combined all the files into a single 24x30in sheet for ease and to save material costs. If you're interested <a href="http://go%21%20https//drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8H6m8ZMe9ujLWVaODYtU0pFRWM?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">here </a>you go! Colors are the same, but I added a green line around the outside of the entire project in order to position the cut on the laser bed.</p>
<p>Great build! A recommendation for others making this in the future though: you can save yourself about an hour of assembly time by cutting the internal &quot;frame&quot; pieces from 1/2&quot; plywood as opposed to stacking together four of the same 1/8&quot; pieces. Note that the trigger mechanism still all needs to be 1/8&quot; though!</p>
Wow I love this! :)
<p>Hey thanks!</p>
<p>nice job on that rubberbNd gun</p>
<p>this is brilliant ... </p><p>any chance you have this as a DXF or CF2 maybe even an EPS file ? i have no way to convert the Ai files :( </p><p>cheers Martin </p>
<p>Yep I just turned them into DXF files. Hopefully it is scaled right. Good luck!</p>
You are a ledgend .... I can now make this on my laser . Thank you
<p>Good luck with it buddy!</p>
<p>Great design! I am also working on a few rubber band gun designs! just waiting for a good contest to post them. awesome first post, keep up the good work! </p>
<p>Hey man thanks dude! You have great work as well!</p>
<p>Thank you! </p>
<p>Dude. This is hilarious. And really, really cool. But also hilarious. Thanks for sharing the files!</p>
<p>Not sure how it's hilarious, but I will take it as a complement! </p>
Oh I just mean the juxtaposition of futuristic space gun and rubber band gun is funny to me. I didn't mean it negatively at all. It was definitely meant as a compliment.
<p>Very cool indeed!</p>
<p>Thanks! Nice job on NERF mods!</p>
<p>Oh thank you! :) I love props making.</p><p>This project is so cool. Unfortunaley, laser cnc cutter are extremely rare here in Italy :( But I'm thinking of cutting them by hand with a power saw or something similiar......</p>
<p>The original designer of the internal mechanism I borrowed from actually cut all of his parts by hand on a scroll saw. So it's definitely possible! If you do make one, I would love to see it! </p>
<p>Great! :D</p>
This is great. Just so great.
<p>Thanks for the kind words!</p>
<p>very well done!</p>

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