Introduction: Laser Cut MDF Fidget Spinner

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Here are some Fidget Spinners I made.

The small ones are 65 mm in diameter. For small hands. eg under 12 Years olds.

The large ones are 90 mm in diameter. Standard size.

I cut the brass inserts (photos and drawing later.) on a metalwork lathe from 20mm solid brass. 8mm insert press fit.

Step 1: This Is Just a Trial. My First Upload.

Picture of This Is Just a Trial. My First Upload.

Ill add when I know it works.



Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials

22mm Skate bearings

5/16" - 13.2 mm AF Nuts

3/8" - 15mm AF nuts

6mm MDF

Step 3: Files.

Inventor and DXF files.


Kris82 (author)2017-05-31

What type of glue did you use?

Swansong (author)2017-05-24

Those are all fun designs :) I like the big one on the top right the best.

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