Introduction: Laser Cut Maze

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Step 1: Materials

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1: You need three sheets of plastic in any color
2: Glue
3: A way to cut the plastic I used a laser but you can use a saw

Step 2: Designing

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Step 3: Cutting the Top

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Step 4: Cutting the Middle

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Step 5: Cutting the Bottom

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Step 6: Drilling and Gluing

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For this you will need a clear glue
The drill is use if you want to be able to remove the ball.

Step 7: And Now You Are Done

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Mason Wright (author)2014-06-14

Yea you could put chair pads on the conners

This is cool! I bet they would be great as coasters to keep people from getting bored at parties, or a really big one as a nice piece of art for your wall!

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