You can do this without a laser cutter, of course, but it won't be anywhere near as much fun.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Ingredients for the pastry:

- 445g plain flour
- Salt
- 175g cold butter
- 95g vegetable fat
- Iced water (or regular water and dry ice, but this is probably overkill)
- 1 egg

Ingredients for the filling:

- 1.2kg peaches
- 100g sugar
- 3 tablespoons cornflour
- Quarter teaspoon ground nutmeg
- Half teaspoon cinnamon
- Juice of 1 lemon
- 30g butter


- 9inch / 23cm pie tin
- Laser cutter (optional, but without this it will just be a regular pie!)
- Wooden chopping board
- Large bowl
- Sieve
- Potato peeler
- Rolling pin
- Pastry brush
- Clingfilm
- Greaseproof paper
great job! this is so cool. I've been meaning to throw some food into the laser cutters over here.
Wow my only regret is I cannot taste your pie.
very nice! Do you do this for a living? If not.... might want too.... that is amazing...
Wow, this is so pretty! I need a laser cutter T_T...
BIG Congratulations on winning the GRAND PRIZE! <br><br>You're Pie is beautiful and so well-done! (Forgive the pun ;-)
Thank you! :)
That is an awesome and beautiful idea!
Thanks a lot! :D
FIrst of all, thank you for including a picture of your burnt pie. I am the queen of burning pie crusts.<br /> <br /> Secondly, where are the pictures of laser cutting the pie crust?! How am I supposed to convince <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/randofo/">Randofo</a> to let me use the laser for my baking needs if I don't have proof to back up what a good idea it is!<br /> <br /> Still, this is inspiring, and I think I need to give it a go. When Randy's not around maybe . . .
Heya, there's some blink-and-you'll-miss-it footage of the laser in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZmdk19PN6A&amp;context=C4bd9e2eADvjVQa1PpcFNH8S6eGyjgkdfpxnGROKAcsVPdvmtpAAE= (around 1:17)<br><br>We also learnt that you can't cut icing sugar in a laser cutter, it's just too damn sticky :(

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