Laser Cut Plaque!


Introduction: Laser Cut Plaque!

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I recently moved into a new house with my roommate/best friend Tanya. She really likes dinosaurs. I really like robots. We BOTH collect trinkets, antiques, and hoard eccentric art pieces (think gaudy gold, chickens, and florals). Because of our interests, we decided to name our house "The Robo-Dino House of Antiquities."

I whipped up an image in CorelDraw to be cut on a Laser Cutter. I used the font "Stencil" for my lettering, so you could still clearly read the text in the design. Make sure you set all of your vectors lines to hairline thinness so that your laser lines are precise.

I cut the vector path into wood, it took about an hour to complete the cut.

I have attached my file as a .cdr, and as .ai to this instructable, feel free to use my template - just ungroup everything to alter the text layer.

After I drafted the project in CorelDRAW, I used a laser cutter and plywood to generate the plaque.

With the help of some good ol' fashioned gold spray paint, and then some puffy paint, I made it look awesome. Can't wait to bring it home and show Tanya!



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