If you've got access to a laser cutter you can easily cut out plates to use for printing with ink, like in the olden days!

This technique works best for simple/bold designs, and not as well for intricate/complex designs.

Of course you could etch your printing plate with the laser, but that takes a lot of time, and this cutting technique is fast. That's the main benefit of this technique.

Step 1: Laser Cut Your Pieces

Once you've got a digital file and are ready to cut it, use a laser cutter to cut out the pieces. I used 3mm Baltic Birch plywood, which cuts really well, and is super-cheap at less that $2 for a 12"x12" piece. Make sure you save the parts you cut and the piece that's left after you cut, as we'll be using that to line up the pieces.

(You don't have to reverse your design, but I always due as a matter of habit, since I've been doing printing of various types for so long.)

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