Picture of Laser Cut Shave Stand
Here is a quick and easy laser cut shave stand to hold a single brush and razor. The brush holder has a diameter of 1.2", and the razor holder has a diameter of 0.5". I made this bad boy because it combined my two favorite hobbies: wetshaving and digital fabrication. Originally created for the members of Reddit's illustrious wetshaving community, /r/wicked_edge.

Step 1: Template & Supplies

Picture of Template & Supplies
Materials needed:

- 1/8"-thick acrylic sheet (preferably black)
- The .EPS parts template file (attached)
- A laser cutter
- Super glue (cyanoacrylate)

Cut all parts and lay them out for assembly.
bblumer made it!2 months ago

Looks great! I made one out of white acrylic. https://goo.gl/photos/XGmnv9VUvaewYoDB9

Though, I think I'd like to add some little nubs to the end. My razor falls off with the slightest of bumps.

Hi, any chance you could send me the pieces to uk?
mmalecky3 years ago
Looks great, here's mine!
Very professional :]
Awesome! It looks so classy in black too!